Bus companies across the West Midland have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep people moving and support jobs and education, getting you where you need to be. However, they are being funded by the government and the West Midlands Combined Authroity to run these services.

At the same time, some of these services are making a loss. Some to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, meaning that bus companies are cutting them.

But why should they?

We want to have an honest conversation about what that amount of money will or won’t do to improve lives in the West Midlands, and to do this, we believe that the WMCA should bring the local bus network back into public ownership, or at least managed by local authorities.

If it’s good enough for London to have their buses managed by Transport for London under a franchise system, 3 of the 4 British capitals to have their buses ran by the local council, and for Manchester to be considering putting their buses in one, then why not the Second City?